Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a detailed description of how the Unlimited Annual Movie Pass works

Which Events/Movies Qualify?
Unlimited admission is only granted to our regularly schedule top box office films for admission of $6.50 or less.

How long is the Unlimited Annual Movie Pass good for?
One year after your purchase or redemption date.

Are reservations final?
Once you make a reservation it is final. Due to the unique value offered by this deal and limited availability per movie - reservation abuse (makeing many reservations without attending) is grounds losing your Unlimited movie pass.

Can I use the Unlimited Annual Movie Pass for Arlington Drafthouse speical movie events or comedy?
No. Passes are only good for regular top box office films priced $6.50 or less and reservations can only be made through this Website.

Can I bring friends and family?
No – you can only make one reservation per movie per day and is only valid for use of the specific pass holder. Please bring ID.

Can I transfer reservations to a friend or family?
No - see comment above

Can I save/reserve specific seats in the theater?
No. The theater is general admission and is on a first come first serve basis. Please arrive early for the best possible experience.

Will shows sell out?
Yes. Admission is not guarnteed unless you are able to make a reservation. Unlimited Annual Movie Passes are limited for each show.